Too many people on this planet! Whose fault is it? Parents!

Now if you read the heading alone, I should get the award for making the most obvious statement in the world. But hear me out! I truly believe that the parents today suck. They do not teach their children any values any more. They expect their children to figure it all out. Well guess what! It is not going to happen. Those little heathen brats you are raising are going to eventually turn into your sorry asses and they will produce even more useless heathen children for the next generation.

The worst part of all of this is the teenage mothers that are roaming this planet. Who in the hell told these girls they are smart enough to have a child at such a young age, when they are not even smart enough to use birth control! “Oh, I love him and he is going to support me and our baby!” is what I am told a lot. Well guess what? He is a heathen too and is not going to support you or your baby and if he tries to, it still will not be enough. Then you know what happens? You begin to feed off of me and every other good hearted tax payer like the leech you are by using government aid! Yes, that makes your sorry ass a huge leech on society!

So your 15 year old ass is mature enough to have a baby? Does your 15 year old ass have a job? A high school diploma? A plan in life? You were not mature enough to tell some begging ass loser boyfriend NO! But you are mature enough to bring another leech on society into the world? I don’t think so! And further more, if you even remotely are considering sending me a piece of email to argue this fact… it proves it!

Now, let me clarify that not every teenage mother is the problem! Some of the 19 year olds do fine, and some of the older mothers suck just as bad as the teenage mothers do! I know 30 something year old mothers who are just an immature as the 15 year olds. So I guess I could expand out of the teenagers, however, I think it is more their fault than any others!

There are many horror stories about teenagers having babies just to be able to get welfare. And some have additional babies to get more welfare. So what that comes down to is that a teenagers mother sucked and could not take care of her own child, so that child has a child so that the tax payers have to carry her useless lazy ass. And this brings me right back to parents raising heathens, who raise more heathens!

So let us look at some real numbers:

• Teens who give birth are much more likely to come from poor or low-income families (83%) than are teens who have abortions (61%) or teens in general (38%).
• 7 in 10 teen mothers complete high school, but they are less likely than women who delay childbearing to go on to college.
• In part because most teen mothers come from disadvantaged backgrounds, 28% of them are poor while in their 20s and early 30s; only 7% of women who first give birth after adolescence are poor at those ages.
• 1/3 of pregnant teens receive inadequate prenatal care; babies born to young mothers are more likely to be low-birth-weight, to have childhood health problems and to be hospitalized than are those born to older mothers.

The data in this fact sheet are the most current available. Most of the data are from research conducted by The Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI) or published in the peer-reviewed journal Family Planning Perspectives and the 1994 AGI report Sex and America’s Teenagers. Additional sources include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Center for Health Statistics.

So as the facts have stated: Teen mothers are a burden to society! I think that teenage pregnancy should be outlawed. Meaning, the teenage girl who gets pregnant, should be forced to have an abortion and should face a jail sentence until she reaches 25. As should the male party who did the deed. If he pushes her into it, and she can not say no, then they should both pay. Why should I, and the good people of the U.S., have to foot the bill to support a bunch of uneducated, ungrateful, and poor, useless, wastes of human flesh? I think the welfare should stop after a short time span. Like 6 months. I also feel if you have a child and are on welfare, and you have another child, it should stop immediately! No more carrying you! Work for a living like the rest of us! And if you can not support yourself, then suck some dick for spare change, or starve to death! Your choice, but get off my train! This gravy train is my own!

As always, if you think I am wrong, tell me! Put down your 3 babies and that fat welfare check next to the government cheese and send me an email to: corky (at) spazmonkey (dot) com

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