Even The Small Ventures Turn To Large Ones!

It was a bit cold out this night in January. I live in the south so it is not that it ever REALLY gets cold, however this was an award winning night. It was to drop as cold as 25 degrees and that is cold for us. At the point I decided to go to the local super store, we will call it Al-Mart;

it was about 30 degrees out. I went out wearing jeans, a shirt, my pullover fleece and my gloves. I was going in to Al-Mart to buy a new pullover fleece because I caught my old one on fire while welding. Now my gloves are something special. They were new at the time and I bought them just because it has been cold this year. Now these are no normal gloves! These are impact mechanic gloves. They keep you warm and fit very well! OK, back to the main story at hand. When I pulled into the parking lot I ended up in a spot next to someone I knew. (I live in a small town, you pretty much know everyone.) So I hop out of my car and head toward the front door of the super store. The wind was cutting me like crazy. It was getting COLD. As I entered the store I smiled and said hi to the greeter at the door. I was removing my gloves as I came in so I could shop. I noticed as I entered the store there was a chime. It said “Al-Mart inventory control system activated.” I did not pay it any attention and proceeded to shop. I went first to the men’s department to find my fleece. After walking around there for a while I made my selection and moved on to get the other things I needed. As I made my way to the pet food aisle I had to squeeze by the night stock guys. I made my way down the aisle and selected the pet food I needed. (Hey Spaz has to eat too!) When I turned to leave the aisle I noticed another guy standing in the aisle looking at the products. I went back the way I came and had to squeeze by the stock guys again. It then dawned on me that the other guy in the aisle had to squeeze through there also. It was a pretty tight squeeze. I then made my way across the store to get a heating pad for my girlfriend. I had never bought one before so first I had to find them and then I had to research which one I wanted. I then noticed the same guy standing the aisle looking at deodorant or whatever it was in that aisle. I thought it was funny that the guy was “following me” through the store. But I made my heating pad selection and moved on. I went to the toy area to look at the die cast cars and model kits and as I was looking, here was that same guy. Then I moved to the model kit area and moments later, as I was leaving that area, he was coming around the corner. So now I am thinking this guy is strange. I head to the check out area and pick one that has no line. The cashier rings up my stuff and as I reach for my debit card, I realize I left it at home. I explain my situation to the cashier and that I need to run out to my car and grab my checkbook. I then notice the same guy standing behind me in the checkout line. He only has a pack of gum. Now, I am thinking that he was in all the same areas I was and he only bought a pack of gum? And why was he waiting on me when there are other open lines with no wait? So I head out to my car to get my checkbook and I noticed that same message played as I left. So when I got to my car, the guy I know that was parked next to me was outside. I chatted with him for a few minutes, but it was cold so I kept it short, grabbed my checkbook and headed back into the store. The guy was now standing in the parking lot making it look as though he was looking at something in the back of a truck. I was getting pretty pissed at this point and would have confronted him however I was very cold. I headed into the store. Again that message played as I entered. I thought to myself that it must be very annoying for the door greeter to have to hear that every time someone enters the store, but not my problem. I went back to the cashier and proceeded to write her a check. She was making small talk with me and even after I handed her my check she still did not finish processing my stuff. She was just rambling on and on. Finally someone taps me on the shoulder. It was the greeter from the door. She said to me, “if you want to know what you have on you that is setting off the door sensor come see me.” I then noticed the guy that was following me was standing behind me. I admitted to her that I had heard the announcement, but thought nothing of it. I also told her that it was most likely my gloves. Once I had here scan me, it was in fact my gloves that had the security devices sewn inside the gloves. The guy that had been following me was in fact the security guard and I told him that he was lucky it was cold out or I would have pummeled him in the parking lot. He looked at me and said, “Man! You have some strange shopping patterns!” LOL!

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