Shallow Hal – Movie Review

Shallow Hal – Gwyneth Paltrow, Jack Black, and Jason Alexander (Seinfeld) – First let me tell you that I am a big fan of Jack Black (also known from the music group Tenacious D.) So I like to see the movies that he is in. This one was good. It was actually pretty humorous. I know a lot of over weight (read fat) people hated this movie and bitched about it a lot, and I can see why, but as a man of some size, I must say that regardless, it was funny. There were a couple of scenes that were cut that should have made it in, but it was great anyway. And in the end it was a feel good, learn a lesson type movie. You can see the official website at

My Rating: 4 Monkeys

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  1. Angel Says:

    I think the movie was done in good taste and I think that anyone who was bitching and complaining about it just has no sence of humor. Let’s face it, it had to have it’s share of "fat jokes", they could not have pulled the basis of the movie off without them. We all have to be able to laugh at ourselves otherwise we become very bitter. It was a romantic comedy with a moral. It teaches you something about how differently people are looked at just because of the way they look. We would all be a lot happier if we could see through the exterior appearance and I think this movie prooves that point. I see nothing to ***** or complain about that.

  2. desiree655 Says:

    The whole movie is nothing more than terribly unfunny fat joke after overdone fat joke (chairs seem to break out from underneath her everytime she sits). My IQ dropped 120 points while watching this. Bad movie. If I had the time I wasted watching this back, I may just well.. maybe.. pick my toenails with a rusty blade and then eat the spuzz that comes out.. yum yum.

  3. rusty Says:

    This movie was great! Hitting to close to home for you desiree655? I understand completely! I guess it would not be funny if it happened to you. Lucky it did not happen to me so, I could enjoy the movie to the fullest extent possible.

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