Well, I guess I should tell you a little about SpazMonkey.com and maybe even a little about me. SM started as a brain fart between a couple of friends way back in 2002. We felt we needed a site where we could rant about crap, make jokes, post pictures and videos, and anything else we wanted. Well, as with most projects that get started between the 2 of us, it all ends up with me doing all the work. So this site has become my outlet. When it first started, we were careful not to post offensive things, swear words, etc.. then as time went on, I decided that is fucking retarded and I was not going to censor myself. If I want to say fuck, I am going to say fuck. So fuck that censor shit… OK, so that is a little much, but you get my point. So really this is just a bunch of crap on the web that I hope at least some people find fun to read. Otherwise, feel free to go away.

A little about me? Well, I am not sure what to tell you. Or what I want to tell you. Am I angry? No. It may seem like it from the posts, but that is only because this is my outlet. I am an average male American with a high IQ. (No, really! It is the truth.) I just once in a while want to let the world know how I feel about stupid people and other wonderful things.