You look like a douche! Put your hat on straight!

So, I am sitting in a restaurant the other morning eating breakfast with my wife, when I see this guy get out of his car and start grooming himself. He works on his hair for a good 3 minutes and only after getting his pony tail just perfect, he puts his hat on. But not like a normal human, no! He has it on the top of his head, off to the right side and turned so the bill is between his right eye and his right ear. Do the people who do this not realize they look like a douche? “Oh, that is just how kids are today!” Some people say. But this is not the case! This “Kid” was not that much younger than me. I just chose not to look like an idiot! I have to questions something… Do they get up in the morning, put their hat on crooked, look in the mirror, and say, “Damn! I look good!”? Let me be the first to say, you look like a fucking retard! Same goes with the clothes. Wear something that fits you! No one wants to see your fucking underwear! It really scares me to think that this is the future of our country! People who can not even make the right choice in clothes to wear are going to be voting for our future leaders. Scary shit right there!So to all you douche bags that can not figure out how a ball cap is supposed to go on your head, feel free to drop me an email and I will draw you a cartoon so you can understand it! You don’t make your mother proud looking like a fucking retard!

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