You had better be ready or else!

Do not tell me to “Go Ahead” with my order if you are not going to take the 2 seconds needed to actually fucking listen to me! It pisses me off when you go to a fat food, er I mean a fast food eating hole and the idiot who works there does not listen when you order. I do not eat a lot of fast food, but on the occation, I like to partake in some. So today I went to a place we will call Toxic Hell. On second thought… No, we will call it Taco Bell! That’s right PepsiCo, I am calling you out! I pull up to the speaker (which can be a whole other rant in itself. We can land on the moon but can not make a fucking drive thru speaker work worth a shit?) Anyway, the dumb bitch working the head set asks for my order. Here is where it goes wrong. You see I ASSuME that when she asks for the order that she is actually ready to take my order. But low and behold, onto the pretty LCD display pops up the order from the car ahead of me. (I know this because I heard the lady ordering.) So now this dumb bitch is an order behind? Well I get done with my order (a simple order by number) and there is a long pause. Then I get, “Can you say that order again?” Can I? Yes! Should I? No! I should come into the store and beat the ever loving shit out you just to prove to your co-workers that it is a good idea to do your fucking job! But society and the judge tell me I can’t do things like that. So I repeat my order. So now I am a bit annoyed. (This is the second time in 2 days. I will tell the other story shortly.) So when I get to the window, she takes my money, asks if I want any sauce (which I answer, “No”) and hands me a drink. A very dark cola looking drink when in fact, I ordered a Baja Blast. Twice! So I hand it back to her and repeat a third time what the drink is supposed to be. She makes the new drink and again asks me if I want sauce. (You just asked me 3 seconds ago bitch!) And again I say no. She hands me my bag of “food” and off I go. Now, with this Taco Bell (and I am sure others) you never know what you are really going to eat. They always fuck up the order and sometimes you get shit on, sometimes you score. When I arrive home, I got sauce. 4 packets worth of sauce I did not want or have any desire to eat.

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So the story from last night goes similar, except we had gone to a Dairy Queen to get some ice cream. They were really busy when we got there. I get to the drive thru speaker and the girl asks to take my order. I ask her to hold on a moment so I can decide. (Really just a ploy to allow her to finish what she is doing so she can really take my order.) A moment later she asks if I am ready. I order 2 blizzards. One for me, one for my wife. I ordered hers first, pause, then order mine. I get done and the voice says, “I got the Heath blizzard what else did you want?” So I guess it is hard to push the heath blizzard button on the fisher price register and she was so delayed she did not get my second blizzard. On top of that, she missed that I wanted extra stuff in it. So I place the entire order again from the top and before I finish speaking, she cuts me off, reads back the order and gives me the “please pull up to the window” shit. Well, she cut me off and did not get the entire order. So now I do the “Excuse me. You did not get the order correct or complete.” And now I order a third time. 3 times to get 2 fucking blizzards! Just push the fucking button as I speak and make my shit!

I am growing tired of society. I am tired of the “kids” of today not wanting to actually work for the money they are paid. They go to work to socialize with their co-workers and they do not give a crap about the job they were hired to do. But in all fairness, the managers should also be beaten. You are a manager, so fucking manage! Train your people to do their jobs and then keep on them to make them do it. If they don’t? Fire them and get new people. I am tired of spending my money to have to do the work of the person I am spending it with.

The moral of the story? Don’t ask me for my order if you are not ready to take it and if you do, be ready as you never know when the voices in my head will tell me that it is OK to beat the living shit out of you!

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