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Wednesday, March 30th, 2005

For all you son of a bitches that drive around with your “I Love NY” bumper stickers and such, I want you to pack your shit, take a friend or two, and get the fuck out of my state! If you love it so damn much why are you not there. I even seen some dumb shit with a vanity plate that said “Love NY” and the ass wipe pays for that every year!

I am not just going to pick on the New York lovers, I will also say to you motherfuckers who fly a flag other than the American flag, GO THE FUCK HOME! If you are so proud of Puerto Rico, or some other shit island, then go home! This is the United States Of America! The country that allows me to tell you “Other Country” loving fuckers to piss off! So have a little respect and take that trash flag down. No flag should be flown other than the American flag when you are here on American soil! Our military is out kicking ass so you motherfuckers can live free and you have the balls to be proud of some place else! And you PR flag flyers, don’t try and feed me the bull shit that Puerto Rico is a US territory. It won’t work. You don’t pay taxes, you are not considered American. You are just owned!

And let us not leave out those who fly the rebel flag. I realize it is slightly out of the relm of this article, but that flag stands for nothing but fucking ignorance! Show me one person who flies that piece of trash, that is not ignorant. Just one! And to top it all off, “The South Will Rise Again!” Really? The south will rise up against what? Going to start another civil war? Want to re-enslave the black folk do ya? What the fuck does that mean? What does it mean that the south will rise again? It means you are a fucking moron and you should be eliminated. You and your pitbull!

So in closing; Get that foreign flag crap off your car and house! Either quit displaying your feelings for NY or take a friend and go back! And finally, take that rebel flag, tie it around your neck tight enough to stop you from breathing, die, fall on your pitbull and kill it too! Good night YA’LL!