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People by Nature are Sheep

Thursday, November 13th, 2003

People by nature are sheep. Why do I say this? Well, I love to watch people. I love to observe what they do on a day to day basis. So the other night I went to see the final Matrix movie (Revolutions). We arrived at the theater plenty early to allow us to get a ticket and a decent seat. The theater we go to has a couple very large houses and then some medium and finally, some fairly small. The showing right before the one we chose was in one of the big houses. They are 3 stories tall. But ours was in a small one. I have been to the movies enough that I know the best place to sit in any one of the 24 houses they have. So in this one, the best seats are the 3 in the back of the house. Last row, dead center! These are actually handicap seats, so you have to get them quick before the handies get to them. Anyway, the nice part about these seats is that there are only 3 and they are up about 6-8 inches off of the floor on a riser. You can see over everyone else and no one will sit next to you or behind you.

So why does this make people sheep? Well when we arrived at the house we were to see the movie in, they had not cleaned it. But we went in and sat down anyway. They never came in to clean it. The row ahead of us had 4 seats, all which had old cups and popcorn bags in them. The house filled quickly and many, many people stood and talked about those seats, however no one would sit there. When people would ask me if anyone was sitting there, I just said I did not know. (Which was true, I did not know if anyone was sitting there, I just knew the cups were old.) We watched many people debate over these seats. And right up until the �Pre-Show Countdown,� no one would sit there. Finally a couple came in and the woman took control and felt the cups to see if they were empty. ALAS! They were empty and she and her male companion got good seats!

So the moral of the story? Don’t be a sheep! Do what you want. Take a stand for yourself.