Where are manners anymore?

Look, first of all, let me be clear and tell you that I am not that old. So it is not that I have been around for many decades, however, I have been here for three! And I am not sure if it occurred in my lifetime or it was already damaged by the time I realized, but where have manners gone? Now this might be strange coming from a guy who writes a website with some sick and twisted humor, but I still have manners. So what am I talking about? Well here are two stories that happened to me in the last couple of weeks…

I went to my least favorite Mega Store recently. Again we will call it Al-Mart. I do not normally go there except between the hours of 12 midnight and 4AM. But this time I had to go earlier. It was about 8PM. Now, the fact that people in general will just stop in the middle of a main isle to look at stuff is not bad enough. This is typical anymore, because people in general are inconsiderate of other people. They do not care that they are blocking the isle and making it an unhappy experience for other shoppers, just because they are too stupid to move their damn shopping cart to one side or the other! But this is a whole other rant! My point here today is that people have no manners. So back on track.

Once I made my selection of what I was buying, (which I can not remember what I went there for now,) I headed to the register. They were generally busy and I had to wait for the people already in line. (You see, when I stand in the front of Wal- err, I mean Al-Mart and yell, “OK people, I am the webmaster and genius behind spazmonkey.com! Get out of my way!” It does not work. I agree that it should, but it doesn’t! LOL!) So the people in front of me were attempting to buy some type of strange vegetable. Well the cashier had no idea what it was. And the messed up part was neither did the people buying it. The cashier kept saying over and over, “It looks like a pale carrot to me.” The manager came over and had no idea what it was either. The son of the guy in line went to see what it was. So we are now waiting on Chumly to go to the vegetable area and find it. So once he arrives back, and the cashier has said it looks like a pale carrot 8 billion times, he spells the name of it for her. HE COULD HAVE JUST TOLD HER HOW MUCH IT WAS! But no, he spells the name for her. Now I am getting a little pissed. I say to my girlfriend, in a voice plenty loud for all to here, “This is getting ridiculous!” The manager lady finally takes the “pale carrot” from the cashier and puts it in the basket and tells the guy not to worry about it. (Thank You Manager Lady! You Rule!) The man swipes his credit card to pay the bill and that is the point that I was really losing it. The cashier looks at the guy and says, “Jew got a ID?” WHAT? WHAT THE HELL DID SHE SAY? OK, so maybe it is just me, but what the hell happen to, “May I see your ID please sir?” Or even “I need to see your ID please.” But no! “Jew got a ID?” What the hell is this? If I was a manager, she would be fired! And to top it all off, at the point I get up there with my purchase. The first thing out of her mouth to me… “Looked like a pale carrot to me!” It should be legal to shoot stupid people!

So once again, last night I went to a very well known chicken place for dinner. We will call it CFK. As I approach the counter I begin my order, “I would like a number five with…” “Is this for here or to go?” WHAT? Did your un-ruley little ass just interrupt my order to ask me for here or to go and not do it politely? Grrrr. So once I tell him it was for there, I get, “OK, what do you want?” NO! Here is my issue. First of all what happen to please, thank you, and sir/ma’am? No one has manners anymore! What the hell is happening to the world? They say that the current generation is the most selfish generation yet, and you know what? I believe it! Something needs to be done! And soon!

NOTE: If you are one of the people who I talked about in this rant and you are mad… good! Feel free to contact me and request the story to be removed so I can call you a fucking idiot to your face.

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