Our Small Town Gestapo

We here at SpazMonkey live in a little hole in the wall town. It is pretty small and “quaint.” I have quite a few issues with this town. One of the main problems is the code enforcment “officers” (as they like to be called). The other problem is the police…

See our town is really pretty small compared to most. It actually has a city title, but it seems smaller than that. But in this small town we have 12 motor cycle cops! 12! That is almost 1 for every 3 people who live here (That is an exageration BTW.) This is in addition to all of the other “cruiser” police, and our sherriff’s department who has 2 helicopters!

So why am I so pissed? Did I get a ticket? No, at least not this time. There is however a light where I turn onto the road that my place of employment is. It is a 4 lane highway that turns onto a 2 lane road. Going the opposite direction and turning left, there has always been a red arrow. But going my way, there was not. You could go when it was clear. Well until 2 days ago. They changed it now to be a red arrow on my side too. This sucks for me as it now takes an extra 2 minutes to get to work. Which would not be a big deal had it not only been a 3 minute trip to start with.

So with the addition of this new red arrow, comes the police. The Gestapo was parked along the road that I turn onto. The cops would watch as people ran the arrow and they would flag them into the parking lot of our local taco place. (We will call it, Toxic Hell). My employment is directly across the street so I got a front row seat to watch them pull people over up to 10 at a time and write them tickets.

Now, it is true that these people broke the law. It is true that people who do so should be punished. But what I do not find fair is they were nailing people the morning after it was changed! I kid you not when I say that the light had not been a red arrow forever. At no point had it ever been so. So since the dawn of this town, well over 100 years ago, no one has had to stop there. No warnings, no second chance. Just 5 cops writing tickets.

So when it was time for Toxic Hell to open, the Gestapo had to stop using their parking lot for their sting operation. I thought it was over. Nope! Now they were using motorcycle cops. They were parked on the sidewalk (6 of them) facing oncoming traffic. They were parked so they could see the new red arrow. And when people ran it, the cops would shoot down the side walk and pull them over on the side road. It just really pissed me off that they gave no notice or warning about the light change. Thank God I noticed it!

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