The Honesty Of Children

A friend of mine is a body man. You know, the kind that fixes cars and paints them. So I was there today, at his shop, and I seen that he had all of these pictures that his kids have drawn for him. But one in particular stood out to me.

It had two cars traveling in the same direction as each other, and the one car was rear ending the other. The cars even had the airbags deployed. Now, other than the fact that the drawing (in crayon) was of car smashing together, it was a bright and cheering picture. The sun was shining and birds were in the air.

But the best part was the text that she had written on it. In a childs hand writting in blue crayon it said:

“Life is a lot harder when you are stupid!”

I cried because I laughed so hard! I will try and get a photo of the picture next time.

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